With digital accessibility on the rise, the way of living life is starting to change. Education, media, technology, business every stream has a new spin on it because of digitalization. People are shying away from traditional ways of learning and opting for ways that are more flexible and convenient. This mass desire has lead people to choose courses from government recognized platform instead of taking expensive classes and spending a rigorous about of energy jotting down notes and giving tests.

Because of this huge transitional change, an excessive number of students who want to balance jobs and schools are opting courses online. Another predominant reason for people adopting this way of learning is significant affordability. If you are constantly toying with the idea of an online course, this is what you need to know about the value of CHHRM certification:

Permissibility of our Certificates
Abhimit Constancy & Certification Private Limited is a company, which is registered and approved by the Government of India (Under Ministry of Corporate Affair and so on, check out recognition here to know in details). Hence, this authorization provides legal and extremely helpful job certification and computer certification as well. The courses entail people or students of all ages groups. This makes learning a much more enriched process.

How beneficial are these certificates?
You have been offered jobs and positions in great companies because of these certifications. The reason behind this is opting for online certification courses as such enhance the skills you require for a specific job. These polished skills work in people's favor at job interviews, putting them above anyone who hasn't taken as much effort in the same field of interest.

Apart from being valued, the courses are also convenient
Traditionally going to class can take up an enormous amount of time and effort. Due to this, working while you study becomes impossible. Here, the courses are both easily available and can be done at ease according to the pace you desire to do them in. This entails you to have time for other activities such as work. Thus, the value of these courses automatically increases as they add convenience.

Why choose us?
Our courses are government certified, convenient, authorized, and genuine. The courses that we offer are also reasonably priced and legitimate. These courses help boost your career opportunities and enrich your resume as well.

All in all, the courses here are un-doubtable beneficial to each and every individual that chooses to go through with them. These courses are something that you are not going to regret investing in.

Talk with CHHRM

We have dedicated and sincere support team who can help you in every phase of your certification. You can call us directly or you can chat with us on our website or you can chat with us on our WhatsApp number directly. Just click on "Contact Us Now" and stay connected with us

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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you buy course and take an exam of the course, you will be able to take or download your certificate from your account. Please, Go through a step by step guide below.
Step 1- Select your Course for Certification.
Step 2- Click on Buy Now.
Step 3- Proceed to Checkout If You are registered User or Create an Account.
Step 4- Choose Your Billing Address or Add New and Click on Continue.
Step 5- Choose Payment Method and Click on Continue to Complete Your Payment.
Step 6- After Successful Payment You will receive an Email regarding your order, and You can login your account in order to access the course and its exam.
Step 7- After, You Finish an exam, and qualified it, you will be able to download your certificate immediately.

This certification process is completely Online.

Yes! it is government Certified. is authentic and approved, which makes it the right choice for anyone who wants to procure a certificate of importance Read More.

To buy a course, you need to click on the "Buy Now" option available on the course page. After clicking on it, you can proceed ahead and make the payment for the course using a convenient mode of payment to buy it.

After you have selected the course that you wish to purchase, click on the "Buy Now" option on the course page. This will redirect you to the Checkout page. In case you wish to apply any coupon code, the page will provide you with an option to do so.
If you are new to the site, you will be asked first to create an account, In this case, you will have to fill out a form.
On the Checkout page, simply select the payment mode that you wish to use for purchasing the course. The payment options available are Credit/ Debit Card, Internet Banking, as well as UPI.
After making the payment successfully, you will receive a confirmation message as well as an email at the registered email address.

You can immediately start the course at your convenience by going on the dashboard and entering the correct credentials.

The courses available here are completely online and, thus, offer the flexibility to one to complete the course within his/her time.

Yes, there is an Exam there for each of the courses. In order to complete the course, the user must finish the exam. Only after its completion, a certificate will be generated for the same.

There is a step-by-step guide to taking the online exam of the course.
Step 1 - Login to Your Account with the credentials (Email - ID, and Password) you have created at the time of registration
Step 2 - Click on "MY COURSES"
Step 3 - Navigate the left panel of your browser screen and scroll down
Step 4 - At last, you will see EXAM option, click on that and the exam screen will appear with information such as No. of questions and exam time.
Step 5 - If you are preparing for it, Then Click on START EXAM. Know more, How to take exam

Yes, we will dispatch the hard copy of the certificate within seven days after the successful completion of the course Exam.

Rohit Kumar Singh

As I go through the CHHRM certification, all the course contents link, training Videos, PDF content, 24/7 support, and quick response are very much appreciated. CHHRM training helped me learn the very basics and fundamentals of computer. - Rohit Kumar Singh

Pramod Soren

Very well-organized content and detailed explanation in teaching. Excellent support system, friendly and cordial support team. Very detailed classes, and good materials shared after the classes. Best course and excellent 24/7 customer service. - Pramod Soren

Md. Meraj Anwar

The course content and coverage have been very helpful to me as I begin on my IT journey. The Course gives me the right number of pointers and resources to enhance my knowledge and enable my pursuit of a career in IT sector. Thanks CHHRM. - Md. Meraj Anwar

Akash Vishwakarma

By far one of the best CHHRM classes I've ever taken. Everything is excellent and educational, from the videos to the homework. It has been quite beneficial to me. Everyone should take it, in my opinion. The support provided by CHHRM is excellent. - Akash Vishwakarma

Sandip Kumar Thakur

The Course content provided by CHHRM is quite important. It truly aided me in getting off to a great start in my career. Because of the high level of training and the kind of helpful support system provided by CHHRM, every penny invested was well spent. - Sandip Kumar Thakur

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